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  • AMECA believes strongly in the philosophy of farm-to-table. Our chefs purchase at least 50 percent of our food from fresh, local, organic farmers, co-ops and artisans on the road. Buying local, fresh and organic is very important to our clientele and to us. Being able to buy product fresh and locally especially on the road allows the chef the flexibility to cook local and regional cuisine. Our staff begins their day before sunrise.Your breakfast will be ready for you when you start your day.
  • Our espresso bar is up and running for the truck drivers within 30 minutes of our hitting the ground on a show day, so coffee is always steaming hot and ready for the crew.
  • Our experienced chefs create a menu based on the quality ingredients that we find in each city on each day of our tour.
  • Our chef hand picks all the ingredients on each show day to ensure only the best and freshest quality ingredients are a part of your meal.
  • We specialize in accomodiating individual diets. Our goal is to please everyone.
  • We eliminate the need to spend hours each week advancing with local caterers and venues with our capacity to advance for the entire calendar of your tour.
  • Our staff has over 25 years comebined experience in the tour catering industry.
  • We travel with a 45′ tour bus and 20′ trailer.